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Ash God

Ash God

Ash God

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    Ash God
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    It's called white bear
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    Light Novel
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My name is Zhang Yanhang. I am an ordinary awakener and a part-time college student. I live a monotonous life of three points and one line every day. I go to school, practice and go home. I neither smoke nor drink. My only hobby is to observe human beings when time is suspended I thought this boring life would last forever, but when I was lying in bed ready to go to bed that night, I came across some interesting things by accident [whether to enter the ash world?] [option 1: Yes (the cost of successfully entering the ash world and obtaining the ability of body data and strengthening channels is that it may be late for school tomorrow because of staying up late.)] [option 2: No (refused to enter the world of ashes, but felt it was a waste to sleep immediately, so he began to play games all night and practice by the way. The price is that he may be late for school tomorrow because he stayed up late.)] [option 3: ignore it temporarily (it is recommended to choose this option for patients with difficulty. After that, you will go to sleep at 2 a.m. if you have been struggling with whether to enter the ash world or not. The price is that you may be late for school tomorrow because of staying up late.)] PS: the protagonist is not the virgin, decisive, and the brain circuit is different from ordinary people. Don't spray if you don't like it.

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